The design of Kitchen 919 with our new interior designer, Jennifer Neil

In Part 6 of our Kitchen 919 introduction we’d like to tell you, our Seasons Family, how our new Interior Designer, Jennifer Neil, plans to Kitchen 919 stand out from the crowd.

It’s funny who you know and how sometimes you never really know what people do for a living.  We’ve known Jennifer for a long time through a variety of philanthropic organizations.  One day while shopping at Tile Sensations Deron saw his old friend Jennifer.  Turns out she’s the owner of Tile Sensations and a fabulous interior designer.

A proud mom of two children and the hands-on owner of Tile Sensations Jennifer brings 20 years of design experience to the Kitchen 919 team.  Her experiences living and traveling around the world will help her craft the upscale, yet comfortable atmosphere of Kitchen 919.  We have a lot of new ideas and some original concepts. Over the next few weeks you’ll start too see Jennifer’s vision come to life in our progress photos. Stay tuned to this email each Saturday for more.

Jennifer Neal, Interior Designer




You can follow our construction progress, order catering… yes we have Seasons and Kitchen 919 catering available now.

You can even book an event for December in our new event space, the Phoenix Room.


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Dining Room
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Friday - Saturday: 4:30 pm to 10pm


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